Lottery Sambad Live Result
Hey guys If you want to check the latest result of Lottery Sambad then this the right website for you. Here you can check all the famous games result like- Sikkim, West Bengal, Nagaland, etc. Many people also want to check Dear Lottery Sambad. So here we have given the whole detailed result of Lottery Sambad Result. This is absolutely free portal to check lottery result. We have mentioned all tips and trick about lottery. Scroll down this page to check the latest result of Lottery sambad.
Jun 03, 2020, 10:47 PM

Lottery Sambad Live Result

If you are looking for the latest result of the Lottery Sambad than you are in the right place. On this web page, you can easily check all the latest results of the game and also download the PDF of the result. If you are interested in the lottery game then this web page in very beneficial for you we will provide you with all tips and tricks which are related to the latest and daily results and live lucky draw etc. We will show all the latest results first from the all other web pages. You can check all Sikkim Lottery Result at 11:55 AM, Nagaland state lottery at 08:00 pm and West Bangal state Lottery at 04:00 pm on this official website. The results which will be provided by us will be exact and correct. So stay connected and scroll down this page for all fresh result.

What is Lottery Sambad

As you all know that the Lottery Sambad system is one of the oldest, famous, and trustful lottery systems all over India and also in all states of India. The tickets of this lottery system are sold out in a huge amount daily. That is why so many people bought tickets for this game and the winner is awarded a big amount of cash prize. This is one of the most trusted way to invest money. The result of the Lottery Sambad is out three times in a day. This is a most famous scheme which is started by the many state government. So you can try your luck in this field without any hesitation. This is started to improve the financial condition of the various states.
Lottery sambad is a place so many people are earning i big amount of money by winning the Lottery. If you want to try your luck than there is no one other safe place except lottery. This is full trusted scheme as this is handled by the state government of the state. For tickets of the lottery you can visit the nearest lottery ticket counter. That is all about the lottery Sambad.

 History of Lottery Sambad

First of all, in October 1984 Sambad newspaper was published in all states of India. This newspaper had got great popularity, after its popularity, this newspaper has started a lottery system and it is spread in many states of India for the attraction of the majority of the people. Within only a few months this Sambad lottery is spread among 75% of the mass. This lottery is also known with a different name in different states, in Nagaland, this as called Nagaland state lottery and in West Bengal this is famous for West Bengal State Lottery. By playing these game one can make millionaires in a single night. If you lose the first time than you don’t need to lose your heart you can take part in this game again and again one day you will win this game and become a millionaire.

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Time Table of Lottery Sambad

This is good news for all players that the result is announced in three times in a single day; you can take part in every time, in this way everyone plays three times a day. This will increase your chances to win and become a millionaire. 1. Lottery Sambad Result 11:00 AM 2. Lottery Sambad Result 4:00 PM 3. Lottery Sambad Result 8:00 PM In India, so many people are excited to play and win the lottery. They want a big amount to win and want to fulfil their dream that’s why they spent a little amount on the ticket. Here are the top three games that we have shared above. You can lottery tickets for these games from the local market. Thanks for coming to, keep visiting us for more latest results.

Sikkim Name According Day

Friday Dear Valuable
Thursday Dear Love
Wednesday Dear Respect
Tuesday Dear Admire
Monday Dear Cherished
Sunday Dear Precious
Saturday Dear Treasure

West Bengal Name According Day

Friday Dear Damodar
Thursday Dear Ichamati
Wednesday Dear Teesta
Tuesday Dear Torsha
Monday Dear  Raidak
Sunday Dear Bhagirathi
Saturday Dear Ajay

Nagaland  Lottery Name According Day

Friday Dear Ostrich
Thursday Dear Hawk
Wednesday Dear Flamingo
Tuesday Dear Parrot
Monday Dear Eagle
Sunday Dear Falcon
Saturday Dear Vulture

Sikkim Lottery Result

Sikkim lottery is widely played all over the state. Like other games this is also popular lottery all over the Sikkim State. You can earn a big amount of money if you will win this game. This is one of the best source to make money without hard work. Those who purchase its live tickets now can check the result from the above given details. Guys you just click on the link that we have given in the top of the page. After that you can check the live result of Sikkim Lottery Sambad.

West Bengal Lottery Result

As well as the sikkim lottery , West Bengal lottery sambad is also very famous. Millions of the people play via this lottery. A huge number of tickets are sell daily for this lottery. This is also conducted by the state government.So you can make a bond with this Lottery Sambad scheme. West Bengal Lottery is also a good source to make financial condition good of the state. If you play this game then there is no risk to lose your money. So if you want to check its result then visit the given link.

Nagaland Lottery Result

As the Nagaland state is so big so there is lack of work. So to make both ends meet people are using the Lottery Sambad. This is most safe and trusted way to earn money. You can also play this game by purchasing the tickets of the various time tickets. In this section you can play this game without any hesitation. Here we have provided the list of all lottery sambad nagaland live results. It is the largest one game that is played widely in the Nagaland State. So check the live result and keep playing this game frequently.